The Richard Gillot Show is an amazing and unique new concept in world sporting entertainment that’s interactive and totally enthralling. The show highlights professional golfer Richard Gillot, who delights audiences large and small with his mind blowing golf impersonations and a great sense of humor.

Richard Gillot, a professional golf player since 1998, has a flair for golf impressions and has showcased his talents during public appearances and on television. He possesses the unique ability to make audiences laugh whilst displaying a remarkable array of impersonations of great golf players such as Tiger Woods, Colin Montgomerie, Sergio Garcia, Fred Couples, Phil Mickelson…and many others. He seduces the public because his impressions involve not only the technical specificities of the swing but also the players’ routines and mannerisms, which is highly entertaining.

Richard Gillot travels around the world leaving guests amazed with his incredible impersonations. If you’d like to see him, please contact us to arrange a booking.